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No Fear

January 30, 20231 min read

No Fear

False, Evidence, Appearing Real! If we can just remember this when that feeling of fear overwhelms us and prevents us from chasing our dreams or taking chances.  We often let fear stop us from taking the next step and making choices that involve risk.  It is only after we walk through our fears and come out the other side that we recognize how we are holding ourselves back with this fearful mindset.  When we realize that fear is only in our heads and there really is nothing to be afraid of, we are able to move forward with confidence and feel proud that we were able to overcome our fear and accomplish the unthinkable. 

Stop and think about something you did recently that you were so afraid of, causing you anxiety and fear, until you just said "I CAN DO THIS" and put one foot in front of the other and got through it and felt so proud that you took that leap of faith.  Remember that feeling the next time your fears start to paralyze you and prevent you from taking chances and moving forward in this beautiful world.  If I let fear get in the way, we would not have started MrmorpheLife and have the privilege of meeting and inspiring amazing people who brighten my world. I am also inspired and as a result love what I do every single day of my life.  NO FEAR!

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